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Class 11 Geography Chapter 1 Very Short Answer Type Questions

Class 11 Geography Chapter 1 Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
What are different approaches to the study of geography?
The major approaches to study geography have been

  • Systematic and
  • Regional.

Question 2.
Who introduced Systematic Approach?
The systematic geography was introduced by Alexander Von Humboldt, a German geographer (1769-1859).

Question 3.
Who was the profounder of Regional Geography?
Regional geography approach was developed by another German geographer and a contemporary of Humboldt, Karl Ritter (1779-1859).’

Question 4.
Define Geography.
The term geography was first coined by Eratosthenese, a Greek scholar (276¬194 BC.). The word has been derived from two Greek words geo (earth) and graphos (description). Put together, they mean description of the earth. The earth has always been seen as the abode of human beings and thus, scholars defined geography as, “the description of the earth as the abode of human beings”.

Question 5.
What is studied under Environment Geography?
It is concerned with environmental problems such as land gradation, pollution and environment conservation.

Question 6.
What is studied under Biogeography?
It has emerged as a result of the interface between physical geography and human geography. It has three branches: Plant Geography. Zoo Geography and Ecology.

Question 7.
What is studied under Geomorphology?
It is concerned with the study of landforms, their evolution and related processes.

Question 8.
What is studied under Hydrology?
It studies the realm of water over the surface of the earth including oceans, lakes, rivers and other water bodies and its effect on different fife forms including human life and their activities.

Question 9.
What are main branches of Biogeography?
It has three branches: Plant Geography, Zoo Geography and Ecology.

Question 10.
What is studied under Economic Geography?
It studies economic activities of the people including agriculture, industry, tourism, trade, and transport, infrastructure and services, etc.

Question 11.
What are sub-branches of Physical Geography?
It has three sub-branches: Geomorphology, climatology and hydrology.

Question 12.
What are sub-branches of Human Geography?
It includes Social/Cultural Geography, Population Geography, and Settlement Geography, Economic Geography, Historical Geography and Political Geography.

Question 13.
What are the recent techniques that helped the geographer to understand the earth’s surface better?

  • GIS and GPS
  • Computer cartography

Question 14.
What do you mean by “areal differentiation”?
When there is similarity and dissimilarity among the physical and cultural features on the earth surface, it is called aerial differentiation.

Question 15.
Explain the changes occurred in the civilization of man in course of time?
Many changes have occurred in the civilization of man in course of time.

  • Man moved from stage of necessity to stage of freedom.
  • Created new possibilities from the nature.
  • We find now humanized nature and naturalized man.
  • Space got organized with the help of transport and communication.

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