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General Knowledge for Kids

General Knowledge for Kids: Check 100+ Simple GK Questions and Answers With PDF

General Knowledge for Kids: Here, we are summarising general knowledge questions and answers for kids in a simplified form including broad varieties of topics, from science, history, civics, geography, intelligence, etc. It will help in developing intellectual abilities and also provide them with the ability to speak up when necessary.

General Knowledge for Kids

General Knowledge for Kids: Due to the pandemic, kids are dependent on online classes. Most of the day they spend on their mobile phone, playing video games, watching videos, and television, etc. The day-to-day world is getting highly competitive and so it is important that kids stay tuned to what is happening across the world.

General knowledge is an important part of education it not only helps children to gain knowledge but also makes them aware of what is happening across the globe. Gaining basic knowledge at an early age changes a kid’s level of thinking and intelligence. It will also help in generating social awareness and supports the mental development of children, civil abilities, and civic senses.

These GK questions and answers from various topics are for all kids from age groups between 4 to 12 and other students can also gain knowledge. An elaborative explanation is also provided with questions so that it will help children to understand the topic and help them in revision and memorizing the answers to all questions.

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General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Kids (Age Group 4 to 7 years)

This is the learning age of kids who are most eager to know more information. So, GK is that section that helps them in providing knowledge. The below questions will be a great activity for them. Some of the questions listed below may be easy for a few of them but will help in learning new things at the beginning stage.

1. Which animal is known as the ‘Ship of the Desert”?

Ans. Camel

2. How many days are there in a week?

Ans. 7 days

3. How many hours are there in a day?

Ans. 24 hours

4. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

Ans. 26 letters

5. Rainbow consist of how many colours?

Ans. 7 colours

6. How many days are there in a year?

Ans. 365 days (not a leap year)

7. How many minutes are there in an hour?

Ans. 60 minutes

8. How many seconds are there in a minute?

Ans. 60 seconds

9. How many seconds make one hour?

Ans. 3600 seconds

10. Baby frog is known as…….

Ans. Tadpole

11. How many consonants are there in the English alphabet?

Ans. 21 Consonants

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12. How many vowels are there in the English alphabet and name them?

Ans. 5 vowels namely a, e, i, o, and u.

13. Which animal is known as the king of the jungle?

Ans. The Lion is known as the king of the jungle.

14. Name the National bird of India?

Ans. The Peacock

15. Name the National animal of India?

Ans. Tiger

16. What is the National Anthem of India?

Ans. The National Anthem of India is Jana Gana Mana.

17. Name the national flower of India?

Ans. Lotus flower

18. Name the National fruit of India?

Ans. Mango

19. What is the National song of India?

Ans. Vande Mataram

20. Who designed the National Flag of India?

Ans. The flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya.

GK Questions with Answers

21. Name the National game of India?

Ans. India does not have an official National Game. 

22. Name the National tree of India?

Ans. Banyan tree

23. Name the National river of India?

Ans. Ganga

24. Name the National Reptile of India?

Ans. King Cobra

25. What is the capital of India?

Ans. New Delhi

26. Name the biggest continent in the world?

Ans. Asia

27. How many continents are there in the world?

Ans. 7 continents

28. Name the primary colours?

Ans. Red, Yellow, and Blue

29. Which is the smallest month of the year?

Ans. February

GK quiz with Answers

30. Name the house made of ice?

Ans. Igloo

31. Which colour symbolises peace?

Ans. White

32. Name the largest mammal?

Ans. Blue Whale

33. Sun rises in the…..

Ans. East

34. How many sides are there in a triangle?

Ans. Three

35. Name the largest planet of our Solar System?

Ans. Jupiter

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General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Kids (Age Group 8 to 10 years)

At this age, children start discovering new things happening around them, start raising questions to parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. These questions provided below may help Kids in gaining knowledge and maybe they have already started exploring a few of them. 

36. Name the place known as the Roof of the World?

Ans. Tibet

37. Who was the first Prime Minister of India?

Ans. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

38. Who is the first woman prime minister of India?

Ans. Indira Gandhi

39. Who is the first citizen of India?

Ans. The President of India 

40. How many states are there in India?

Ans. 28 states

GK MCQs With Answers

41. How many Union Territories are there in India?

Ans. 8 Union Territories

42. How many years are there in one Millenium?

Ans. 1,000 years

43. Name the first man to walk on the Moon?

Ans. Neil Armstrong

44. Name the Oceans of the World?

Ans. The Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and the Southern (Antarctic) oceans.

45. Name the densest jungle in the world?

Ans. The Amazon rainforest

46. Which festival is called the festival of colours?

Ans. Holi

47. What is the Isosceles triangle?

Ans.  A triangle in which two sides have the same length or two sides are equal.

48. What type of gas is absorbed by plants?

Ans. Carbon Dioxide

49. How many days a February month have in the leap year?

Ans. 29 days

50. Name the longest river on the Earth?

Ans. Nile

51. Name the smallest continent?

Ans. Australia

52. Which is the principal source of energy for the Earth?

Ans Sun

53. Anti-clockwise is it from left or right?

Ans. Left

54. Name the planet nearest to the Earth?

Ans. Mercury

55. Which festival is known as the festival of light?

Ans. Diwali

56. Name a bird that lays the largest eggs?

Ans. Ostrich

57. Which is the National Aquatic Animal of India?

Ans. River Dolphin

58. Name the National Heritage Animal of India?

Ans. Elephant

59. Which is the tallest mountain in the world?

Ans. Mount Everest

60. Who invented Radio?

Ans. Guglielmo Marconi is known as the father of radio.

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General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Kids (Age Group 10 to 12 years)

At this age, kids learn most and observe things more keenly. The listed questions may be a bit tough as compared to those given above. It will provide more knowledge to the kids and they will learn more.

61. Who invented electricity?

Ans. Benjamin Franklin

62. Which continent is known as the ‘Dark’ continent?

Ans. Africa

63. Name the planet known as the Red Planet?

Ans. Mars

64. Who wrote “Malgudi Days”?

Ans. R. K. Narayan

65. Name the National game of the USA?

Ans. Baseball

66. Who invented Watch?

Ans. Peter Henlein

67. Name the largest ‘Democracy’ of the world?

Ans. India

68. Which is the smallest bone in the human body?

Ans. Stapes (Ear bone)

69. Name the country known as the Land of the Rising Sun?

Ans. Japan

70. How many millimetres are there in a centimetre?

Ans. 10mm

GK Quizes with Answers

71. Name the hardest substance available on Earth?

Ans. Diamond

72. Name a shape that has ten sides?

Ans. Decagon

73. Name the largest ocean in the World?

Ans. Pacific Ocean

74. Who is the real founder of Microsoft?

Ans.  Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen

75. Who gave the theory of Relativity?

Ans. Albert Einstein

76. Who is the Father of our Nation?

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

77. Who discovered the X-rays first?

Ans. Wilhelm Roentgen

78. Who gave the universal law of gravitation?

Ans. Issac Newton

79. What is a telescope?

Ans. A telescope is an instrument in the shape of a tube with special pieces of glass (lenses) inside it. It makes things that far away appear bigger and nearer.

80. Name a natural satellite of Earth?

Ans. Moon

General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Kids (True or False)

82. What are Commonwealth Games?

Ans. The Commonwealth Games are a quadrennial international multi-sport event among the athletes of the Commonwealth Games. 

83. How many years of Independence India celebrated on August 15, 2022?

Ans. India celebrated 75 years of Independence on August 15, 2022. 

84. How many medals India won in the Commonwealth Games 2022?

Ans. India won total 61 medals in Commonwealth Games 2022. 

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85. 34 teeth in total adults have.

Ans. False (The adult has 32 teeth in total).

86. Barometer used to measure Atmospheric Pressure.

Ans. True

87. Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to go into space.

Ans. True

88. Sparrow is a bird known for its intelligence.

Ans. False (Owl is known for its intelligence).

89. Europe is the second smallest continent and the third most populous continent

Ans. True

90. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s largest city and capital is Sarajevo.

Ans. True

Gk Quiz Questions with answers

91. Plants absorbs Oxygen?

Ans. False (Plants absorbs Carbon Dioxide).

92. Denmark’s capital and most populous city is Copenhagen

Ans. True

93. Half of 250 is 125.

Ans. True

94. Metre per second is the unit of Speed.

Ans. True

95. William Shakespeare is a scientist.

Ans. False (William Shakespeare was an English dramatist, poet, and actor).

96. There are 200 bones in the Human Body.

Ans. False (206 bones are there in Human Body).

97. Electrons are larger than molecules.

Ans. False

98. With the help of Photosynthesis plants make their own food.

Ans. True

99. Chemical formulae of Hydrochloric acid is HCl.

Ans. True

100. There are 11 players in a cricket team.

Ans. True

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